Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A White Horse.

Hold your breath until you remember when you last saw a white horse.
Does anyone still use this cure for hiccups? Did you know it can be used as a cure to a country?

On Monday I asked Mrs Black “Are you sure you still want to leave? You’re still okay to go to Belgium?”
She looked at me as if I was a shaved fruit bat.
Her answer was (and forgive me if I’m miss-quoting here) “Of course! What would make you ask that?”
To get something clear at the outset: I have not changed my mind or altered my resolve in the least about leaving South Africa but I needed to be certain that she wasn’t having second thoughts. I’d hate for her to be going through this with reservations.
Second thoughts kill ideas and sabotage the best laid plans. In my opinion they rot things from the core.
Later on, Mrs Black retorted to my question with one of her own – to prove a point.
“Give me a reason to stay in South Africa. Think of one reason why you’d want to stay in the country.”
I smiled at her because at face value it sounded easy. My smile was soon stripped off when I realized that I had cranial constipation! This easy task was becoming rather difficult and the more I racked my brain, the more elusive the ‘one reason’ became.
The conclusion to this little debacle is that I couldn’t find one. Even now my mind wanders through empty corridors, peeking in the corners for the ‘one reason’ in complete disbelief that it cannot be found!
There’s a list of reasons for leaving South Africa, flocks of fluttering agitation but not one single butterfly of reason to remain.

I’m Belgian. I’m proud to be associated with Belgium. I will pay my taxes not to keep my president soaked in wives (yes, plural of wife), but to pay for services. I will have a King and Queen, who have decorum, manners, monogamy, self-control and a certain amount of class but still have a human side.
I dream on until The Haunt is good and thoroughly sold and we set sail for a new home.
Ciao for now.