Sunday, 2 September 2012

In-between Dreams

“In-between dreams” is apt.
I am now residing in Belgium, as a Belgian. The experience at the “gemeente huis” which is the local government office where I had to register to be plugged into the Belgian social system was a uniquely pleasant one! The place was clean, I was served quickly and the facilities used by the employees there were in perfect working order. The employees also knew how to do their work!
That very evening the “politie” – the police – arrived to make sure I was who I’d said I was and was living where I’d said I was living!
As predicted, I miss Mrs Black and my little girl terribly and seeing parents in the streets of Belgium with their little ones makes me tear up. Its at these times that I must stiffen the barricades and harden my resolve to fight on to establish myself here so they may join me soon.
I feel guilt again. Guilt that I’m experiencing all that Belgium has to offer, guilt that I’m far safer and at peace here than I ever was in South Africa and Mrs Black & Speculoos (my little girl) can’t share in that yet.
In South Africa things finally came to a head, there was no more time, and what wasn’t done would merely have to remain so and be an inconvenience for later. Things like making sure my clothes were properly packed away for shipping and sorting out my family photos simply didn’t happen.
I left on that plane on a Thursday evening with numb emotions and as few tears as I could manage. My emotions are still numb thankfully or the burn of loneliness would creep through and I’d be hurting badly. I’ve also thrown myself thoroughly into finding employment and forcing myself to take breaks every so often. Since my arrival about a week ago, I have managed to attend two interviews and keep pursuing more.
The faster I can get work, the faster I can get Mrs Black and Speculoos over here and show them all the wonders and peace and sublime tranquility of life in Belgium. I can now offer them far more than I ever could in South Africa and its so close…so close to fulfillment! So close for the “In-between dreams” era to end.
My aunt has been lovely, showing me all the things I need to know along the way and looking after me.
I stay with her and her family in this adorable home.

After my first interview we went to the museum a block away.

On our route to the Central Train Station in Antwerp we went through the Grand Market area in “Old Antwerp”.

Finally we reached Antwerp Central Station.

Tomorrow I do all this touring on my own. I have another interview!
I need to land employment. The sooner I get that right, the sooner Mrs Black and Speculoos can join me here.

Ciao for now.