Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Punctuation Marks

It’s done.
There is a full stop in my chapter. I have the airline ticket.
 Now I must find fiery hoops to run, jump, tumble and fly through so my family can join me as soon as possible in Belgium.
There’s a little red tape for Mrs Black to do before she and Speculoos join me.
There’s a lot of red tape for me to comply with before they can join me on a more permanent basis.
Some of this red tape involves getting original documents from our current Home Affairs Government Department which is no easy feat! We’ve tried applying through the ‘normal’ routes before but I’ve learnt my lesson. I didn’t even bother this time. We went through this in A Warmed Heart and then it cost me 1000-00 South African Rand. This time round it’s cost me 1500-00 South African Rand multiplied by two since there’s two documents I need. When Mrs Amazing and Speculoos need to do this exercise I expect it’ll cost 2000-00 South African Rand for each document. Too high a price to pay?
No price is too high to pay to have my family safely and legitimately with me!
Soon I go out into the world homeless and unemployed. These are scary times but also exciting times. We get to start off fresh! We can un-do the little nasty things that crept into our lives and improve other things.
First example – no hoarding! Never again will I own things that I do not use, think I may use later or other such possessions.
Second example – I will live close to work. I always thought I would consider my workplace as hated as school and the thought of living close to school was abhorrent but it turns out I love what I do and wouldn’t mind living closer. Maybe not across the road, but closer and that seems to be ‘The Belgian Way’.
I’m wrapping everything up at work this week and ten years is a lot of wrapping up to do. I didn’t think it’d take so much time and effort but it is. One week almost isn’t enough to get it all done, but it has to be.
Next week Speculoos is on holiday and I get to spend that one precious week with her. I’m looking forward to it and I’m going to miss her terribly. My awesome wife, Mrs Black is also going to be sorely missed over in Belgium during that limbo I shall call the ‘In-between Dreams’ era. Her reassurances, hugs and love have kept me going and her hard work has made this possible for all of us. She has done the most work in planning and packing that I’ve ever seen to get here. I love her with everything in me.
There are a few things that are going to keep me extremely busy during ‘In-between Dreams’ but I can guarantee that missing my family will be there like a constant weight on my shoulders. A cross I must bare if you could excuse the cliché.
Ciao for now.