Sunday, 17 February 2013

It is done.

It is done.

What we set out to do about two years ago has finally been completed.

The Turning Away has been accomplished in a physical sense, but not emotionally.

Emotionally I do not have closure and feel anger and frustration at the politicians and people that pushed me out of my country of birth.

I feel anger that the government did not see the work experience, knowledge and opportunity I could have offered. Granted, my employer tried everything ethical to keep me, promising me more money and more position. Without hesitation they offered me a position I had only ever dreamt of. Writing this I see the people who mattered did understand the potential they were losing.

I miss the things I used to have but things won’t bring me back. Not when my family was at constant threat because common descent services no longer functioned. Things like road laws, policing, water supply, power supply and value for life.

One day when there is a working government in place, the country will thrive. For me that will be too late. It already is. I’ve turned away and the effort to reverse what has been done, the course we’ve taken, is far too great. There is not a reward that someone could offer that would draw us back I believe.

I now need to do the emotional turning away and leave the past right where it belongs – in the past. No more blame. This is the path we’ve actively chosen and it’s what’s right for us.

It is done.

We now live in Belgium. A safe, wonderful place for my family to flourish and our goal has been achieved.

The adventure continues! There’s a new language to be mastered, beautiful things to see and experience.

Ciao for now.