Friday, 17 February 2012

Bump in the Night

When cleaning up, certain things get disturbed. Dust gets kicked up into the air, emotional dust, physical dust, perhaps even ghosts.
I happened upon a load of paperwork, a massive stack of poems, scribblings and writings. Evidently I expounded quite prolifically when I was an angst-driven teenager. I’m surprised my psyche didn’t kill me back then. I’m surprised I didn’t kill anyone else back then!
Admittedly, I’m fairly narcissistic now, but I’ve definitely mellowed with age! Back then it was really, really bad! I felt quite shocked at my own writing! Who I am now is definitely not the same person I was all those years ago.

The ghost (or ghosts) have been quite active at The Haunt (our home) recently. I’m hoping this is a sign that they’re saying their good-byes and that The Haunt will be sold soon.
It’s also a bit freaky when they’re playing so close to my daughter. We have a baby monitor. When baby doesn’t move (breath) for too long, it makes a hell of a racket. It also kicks in when baby cries or there are other sounds in the bedroom. On this particular evening Mrs Black and I were sitting outside having a cup of tea after putting Speculoos (baby Black) to sleep. Next to her crib is a table with the monitor on and various other items. One of the items is a wind-up doll that plays a lullaby tune when wound up. We used it to put Speculoos to sleep earlier and it’d run down, becoming slower & slower.
Quite suddenly we heard the tune over the baby monitor! It was playing hard and fast like someone had freshly wound it up!
We quickly went through to the room and yes, the doll was playing with ghusto. I quickly picked it up while it was still playing and removed it from the room to examine it and so that it didn’t disturb Speculoos. It was far from unwound. It played for a good minute before it slowly wound down to the dying strained playing again.

The Haunt is still not sold. Another deal fell through. The buyer didn’t get the bond they applied for and that, again, is the end of that.
Perhaps I should approach our president and enquire whether he’d like to re-appropriate our land. At least we’ll get market value for the place and be able to settle the bond.
Most importantly we’ll be able to move on. The waiting’s getting infuriatingly frustrating.

Ciao for now.