Monday, 31 December 2012

Sprint to the Finish

The months from September to now are a blur of activity.
On reviewing the last post I see that much has happened!

On my fourth interview I got employment. The company was looking for someone with my particular design software experience. They're one of the very few companies in Belgium who are looking to start using the package I have experience in and were dead-keen to have me aboard.

A hint of what I do...

The Apartment - it's the white one.
After that crucial step in the plan, I was able to set everything else in motion. Next was getting an appartment and finally purchasing the tickets for my family to join me.

I am pleased to say that all this has been accomplished. My family now reside with me in Belgium in the beautiful, clean city of Antwerp and all with the help of my extended family - my aunt and my parents.

I'd resolved to fetch my family myself - flying back to South Africa and returning to Belgium with them. Before this epic journey, I was surprised at how bitter and angry I was inside. Not at a particular person or thing, but at the circumstance. I was born in South Africa, worked hard there to obtain what I thought was a secure home, work and society. To find out that my work and input was worth nothing and scoffed at by an arrogant, corrupt and ignorant society hurt and angered me. Perhaps it's just that. There's no face to vent at, no person to rage at, no one who will react, no one who will look at this situation and say "Something's wrong here in South Africa".

This anger came as a surprise. It wasn't something I foresaw and I'm still not sure how it was sparked.
After all, we're here in Belgium! We're finally in a better place without the inconvenient death bit in between! We're where we planned to be and we're all settling in nicely - no regrets in fact quite the opposite. We're all very happy here!

So there we are.
Finally, FINALLY we're all here in Belgium! What a fantastic start to a New Year!

Ciao for now.

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